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Definition and Meaning of Leadership Research Paper

Definition and Meaning of Leadership - Research Paper Example Also, Kurt Lewin characterized authority as the way and approach of giving guidance, actualizing plans, and rousing individuals (271-299). In the Army, initiative is characterized as affecting individuals by giving reason, course, inspiration while working to achieve the strategic improving the association. As indicated by Patterns of Aggressive Behaviors, there was a gathering of scientists that distinguished various styles of authority (271-299). Lewin's examination perceived there significant styles of initiative that have been compelling: 1) despotic, 2) law based, and 3) delegate. Gatherings of younger students were distributed to one or three gatherings where scientists have watched their practices in light of the various styles of authority. The absolutist or dictator authority is very much applied to conditions where there is constrained time for cooperative choice creation and the pioneer is the most instructed and experienced individual from the gathering (Lewin, 271-299). There is an away from between the job of the pioneer and the adherents. Tyrant pioneers settle on autonomous choices with almost no or no contribution from the remainder of the gathering of what should be done when it ought to be done, and how it ought to be finished. Consequently, it was finished up by specialists that dynamic in dictator administration was less imaginative. Lewin expressed that moving from a tyrant style to a vote based style is more troublesome than the other way around. The maltreatment of this sort of administration is seen as controlling, bossy and authoritarian. The dictator style is typically utilized by pioneers when workers need close oversight to complete certain errands. It happens when pioneers mention to their workers what they need doing and achieved, without hearing the point of view of their supporters. As indicated by Lewin, participative initiative or the majority rule kind, then again, has a pioneer who urges bunch individuals to take an interest and give their data sources (271-299). Lewin saw that individuals from the participative gathering were less profitable than the individuals from the dictator bunch through the information sources were of higher caliber and the individuals feel significantly more inspired and inventive. A participative administration style is the place the pioneer, including at least one representatives, are occupied with the dynamic procedure. Typically, this happens when the pioneer has a piece of the data and the representatives have different parts. The pioneer and the representatives work intently together to achieve certain undertakings. Be that as it may, the pioneer keeps up an official conclusion making authority which the representatives must figure out how to regard. Â

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Carmen Marinache Essay Example for Free

Carmen Marinache Essay Accepting complex organizations in which organization is a piece of: arranging coordinations activities ( railroad transportation from station of takeoff to station of goal, gathering of wagons at definite station of goal, emptying the payload from wagons and stacking it into trucks/dealing with, conveyance up to the client’s terminal); sorting out uncommon vehicles, for example, weapons transportation in travel through Romania; arranging freight trades from Romania with watch assurance on course; sorting out larger than average transportation, send out from Romania to various nations, which suggests: acquiring stacking drawing from an approved organization, getting endorsement for transportation from the railroads and foundation, giving CIM rail route bills, planning the vehicle with outside rail lines on traffic and acquiring all fundamental traffic consent by staying in contact with all our outer accomplices, taking care of issues that may happen while transportation is performed; arranging trades from Romania to various nations from exCIS in uncommon SZD (wagons from CIS nations), acquiring all traffic authorizations, staying in touch with customers and accomplices for a brief tackling of every troublesome circumstance; sorting out transportation of wagons on their own wheels just as of trains; taking an interest to association of multimodal traffic Ex: payload dropping by vessel, emptying legitimately or in a roundabout way to wagons and customs leeway through a sister organization spent significant time in port in such sort of acti vities), railroad transportation up to one station in Europe, emptying of load and conveyance by trucks to agent, and so forth. ? Staying in touch with Accounting and Financial Dept. so as to commonly take care of issues identified with the money related piece of the business; ? In view of the data got from the Controlling Dept. , investigating and proposing to the Executive Manager individual assessment for work force; ? Month to month dissecting the movement of the Railway Dept. figuring assessed operational benefit, computing the all out tonnage, introducing the circumstances to Executive Director; ? Reaching and visiting potential customers; ? Partaking to set up of transport and cargo sending contracts with Romanian and outside customers/accomplices ; ? Speaking to the organization inside worldwide presentations and fairs, in Romania and abroad, to Express Interfracht Holding own stand, and inside meetings having as theme the improvement of railroad transportation; ? Giving the documentation of organization introduction and speaking to the organization inside various tenders opened by huge creation organiz ations in Romania, so as to pick strategic provider.

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A Christmas Carol Text Response - 861 Words

A Christmas Carol’ Topic: ‘Charles Dickens presents a warning to society through his novella ‘A Christmas Carol’. Discuss. Fictional stories, although based upon make-believe tales, can often expose the truth behind an author’s personal views and ideals, as well as act as powerful tools to present social messages and warnings to readers across many generations. ‘A Christmas Carol’, written by Charles Dickens, is a novella in which social inequality is highlighted through the journey of a notorious miser during the Victorian era in Britain. Throughout this morality tale, Dickens presents a warning to society through his ‘social commentary’ which centres on how society has become too self-absorbed and greedy in their ways. Dickens warns†¦show more content†¦Throughout the last stave, Scrooge is portrayed as a ‘changed man’, shown through his many acts of kindness and love as well as his changed attitude towards poverty and prosperity. â€Å"He became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man, as the good old city knew, or any other good ol d city, town or borough, in the good old world.† This statement encapsulates the stark contrast between Scrooge’s character in the first stave when compared to the last. It can even be said that the last stave is written in a symmetrical manner to that of the first. This is made obvious through the stark opposites that can be seen in Scrooge’s personality in the first stave when compared to the last; where he used to be greedy and self-absorbed, he became selfless and compassionate. Dickens uses this example of symmetry to make Scrooge’s transformation even more discernible to readers as to allow them to note just how a model citizen should act towards others. Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ presents a warning to society through the representation of characters and the journey and transformation of the notorious miser, Ebenezer Scrooge. Dickens warns society of the grim future that awaits humanity if people fail to respond to the plight of the poor. Finally, if Dickens intentions weren’t made clear enough through these examples, his preface says it all. â€Å"I have endeavoured in this ghostly little book, to raise the ghost of an idea†¦May it haunt their houses pleasantly, andShow MoreRelatedModule A - Joyeux Noel + Christmas Truce939 Words   |  4 PagesComparative Essay Comparative essays serve to enhance the understanding of the themes, values and ideas represented in texts, by examining their different mediums, contextual values and purposes. Christian Carrion’s feature film Joyeux Noel, and Nic Young’s documentary, The Christmas Truce, are both 21st century filmic responses to a 20th century event. The similar values of the texts are showcased through different forms, and techniques. QUESTION. Carrion has created a sanitizing version of the TruceRead MoreScrooge in A Christmas Carol2375 Words   |  10 Pages In a time in which the significance of Christmas gradually started to change, Charles Dickens, in accordance with these changes, wrote a Christmas tale: A Christmas Carol. The novella was published six days in advance of the Christmas celebrations of 1843; it was sold out three days later. Although a socially engaged narrative, Dickens’ work is not occupied with trivialities such as the introduction of Christmas cards; instead A Christmas Carol focuses on the transforming beliefs and valuesRead MoreThe Spirit Of Christmas By Charles Dickens1498 Words   |  6 PagesThe True Spirit of Christmas The Spirit of Christmas, Part 1 Text: Luke 2; Matthew 2 Date: November 30, 2014 INTRODUCTION Play intro video during offering — â€Å"Christmas Spirit (The Right Way)† (Show series slide.) Today we begin a Christmas teaching series called â€Å"The Spirit of Christmas.† What do you think the â€Å"Spirit of Christmas† is? (Allow responses) Perhaps it might be best to begin with what the Spirit of Christmas is not: Fully-loaded eggnog or other drinkable â€Å"spirits† The ghost of ChristmasesRead MoreHow Can the Use of Mental Images, Concepts and Schemas to Organise Our Thinking Help Us to Improve Our Memory?1740 Words   |  7 Pagesthe planets in the solar system. As you say in your reflective writing in task 2, you could improve on the structure and paragraphing of your work but you did not have the time for editing. Strictly speaking, you need to provide a reference in the text for Raugh and Atkinson to make it clear you took this from Spoors et al. If you consult the original source, then you would need to reference Raugh and Atkinson in your reference list at the end. However, you have stipulating higher up in your essayRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie V. Refiguration 1428 Words   |  6 Pagespoetry, and oral story-telling.† Here Ricoeur’s concept of mimesis 3 is helpful for us to understand the influence of a movie on the lives of its viewers. That is, according to Ricoeur, mimesis 3 â€Å"marks the intersection of the world of the text and the world of the hearer or reader.† This mimetic act also takes place as a person watches a movie. In this process, the viewer participates inter-subjectively with the character in a sort of fusion of his/her experience and the character’s intoRead MoreHacking Is An Illegal Activity1910 Words   |  8 Pagescomputers in Russia. Target admitted that the credit card numbers had been stolen and Target profits for the Christmas season were only 46% compared to the year before. Target offered to pay its customers a $10 million group settlement. However, since 40 million credit cards were stolen, that would only amount to about 25 cents per customer if all customers were paid (Michael, Ben, Dune, Carol. Target Missed Warnings in Epic Hack of Credit Card Data). 2. Hacking by China On September 24, 2015Read MoreMgmt 330 Midterm Exam Essay2926 Words   |  12 Pagesat the core. b) flexible processes. c) buffering. d) smoothing. e) empowerment. Question 10 Carol owns a small gift shop on the East Coast. She is hoping the economy rebounds this fall as she had to order her Christmas and other holiday gifts in February to be sure she has enough inventory for the surge in sales that the holiday season usually but not always brings to her retail store. In this example, Carol is using __________ to be sure she has enough gifts for those extra holiday customers thatRead MoreAnalysis on Conversation Features. Differenfes Between British and American English16034 Words   |  65 Pageslife is from the eye of the teachers. In the first episode of the second season, a new year at Summerdown School starts, and there are two new staff members. Simon worries about falling into the same old routine whilst Kurt is still trying to dump Carol. Susan finds herself with a crus h on new French teacher JP. The classification we are going to follow is the one that Biber et al. explain in their book: Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English (1999). They classify the conversationalRead MoreQuestioning the Meaning of Life Essay1972 Words   |  8 Pageslife is suffering is pessimistic, but balanced by the teaching of the eight-fold path of deliverance from suffering. A person may raise the question of the worth of his or her life without questioning human existence as such. Mr Scrooge in `A Christmas Carol comes to recognize the worthlessness of his life and the miserable creature he has become. This recognition arises from a comparison between his life and an ideal of the life he might lead - an ideal represented by the Cratchit family. Such aRead MoreHow I Read Literature Like A Professor Notes3177 Words   |  13 Pagesinnocence- Adam and Eve’s The Fall from grace †¢ Example- young boy â€Å"discovering† girls †¢ The loss of innocence is the flaming sword because you can never go back â€Å"stings† †¢ Titles make biblical references †¢ Knights searching on behalf of religion †¢ Modern texts use biblical references to illustrate disruption †¢ Bible comes into play choosing character names- characterizing features †¢ If a quote has a resonance its usually from older literature (Bible, etc.) †¢ Frequent biblical references- o Garden o Serpents

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National Journal Of Hospitality Management â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The National Journal Of Hospitality Management? Answer: Introducation Effective help desk or service desk management is a fundamental part of providing good customer service and maintaining a good customer relationship. With this as a reason, there are serious necessities of bettering the performance provided by help desks or service desks and their proper management. It would assist managers in acquiring unified internal and external performance benefits. The idea is of taking small steps towards improving service in place of simply commencing from the start and then largely investing in the dynamic method. Though, associations with consumers face problems at the time of taking small steps, as that makes the organization become more determined on the incorporation and change rather than on the eventual advantage - providing of customers with the best customer service and having the best form of relationship with them (Lucio-Nieto et al. 2012). Two most efficient aspects of a good help desk or service management are discussed below: Auditing of existing practices Before taking responsibility of any form of improvement undertakings, there is the necessity of inspecting what is already being carried out within the business that are associated with the provision of support inside the sections of help desk or service desk, clients and other departments of the organization. Characteristically, it might occur that there exists already some teams and departments that are taking up the responsibility of activities that are similar to this and there are probabilities that some of the major practices are already situated in place within the organization that can be further progressed and accepted elsewhere (Jntti, Cater-Steel Shrestha, 2012). Like for example, inside any software company and their internal IT support, principles of IT infrastructure library (ITIL) are already adopted, extracting form which the customer care team could benefit in a straightforward manner from the ITIL method for incidents, issues, release and change management in varie d areas like tracking product improvement, implementing and tracking those new products in the market for the customers (Tang Todo, 2013). Audits of the service level management by dint of service establishment that is offered by the help desk or the service desk and aligning of the IT provisions carefully with the broader needs of the business would also support. Consideration of self service solutions Self service solutions are considered by many as being the best solution if they are properly used inside the organization. They contain the capability of being tremendously profitable. The even present the profits of presenting functioning out-of-hours coverage that allows any concern the opportunity of being in attention for being measured to be handled on a precedence basis the consequent day. In many situations, the knowledge bases could be recovered by the end user for resolving their own issues. Looking from the standpoint of help desk or service desk management, these forms of coverage could be evidenced as being tremendously cost-effective, symptomatically taking away one third of the calls in the direction of the first line help desk or service desk particularly in areas such as call updates and status checking. This situation has a definite and straight influence on recruitment and staffing levels, discharging workforces in more creative areas within concern resolution. In terms of this discussion, at a lower level, self-service can act as being the most effective solution. It is extremely vital that situational risks like when the end users self-administer tremendously technical resolutions are avoided (Kokkinou Cranage, 2013). References Jntti, M., Cater-Steel, A., Shrestha, A. (2012). Towards an improved it service desk system and processes: a case study.International Journal on Advances in Systems and Measurements,5(3 4), 203-215. Kokkinou, A., Cranage, D. A. (2013). Using self-service technology to reduce customer waiting times.International Journal of Hospitality Management,33, 435-445. Lucio-Nieto, T., Colomo-Palacios, R., Soto-Acosta, P., Popa, S., Amescua-Seco, A. (2012). Implementing an IT service information management framework: The case of COTEMAR.International Journal of Information Management,32(6), 589-594. Tang, X., Todo, Y. (2013). A Study of Service Desk Setup in Implementing IT Service Management in Enterprises.

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The Role of Science in Crime Reduction

Biological science, specifically forensic pathology, has become an important tool in civil and criminal investigations due to its ability to determine the cause of death of an individual (Naples et al. 2010, 162). It helps to determine how a person died, what were the exact causes and to determine whether foul play was involved in the death (Naples et al. 2010, 162).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Role of Science in Crime Reduction specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is a branch of science that has actually gained popularity within recent years as a result of the hit television series â€Å"CSI: Crime Scene Investigations† which has glamorized the job of a forensic pathologist and has created the general notion that most crimes can be resolved by forensic pathologists should the proper evidence be obtained. Modern technology along with constantly innovating techniques in forensic investigation have re sulted in a plethora of concepts, methods and frameworks from which a forensic pathologist can draw on in order to solve a case. The role of forensic investigators goes beyond merely analyzing and solving a case but rather acts as a method of crime reduction through which the guilty are put behind bars to safeguard the rest of society. DNA Analysis Perpetrators of violent crimes have a tendency for leaving DNA evidence behind resulting in their subsequent capture once the trace amounts of DNA are examined. Murders, rapists and other violent criminals always seem to believe that there would be no possible method for investigators to trace them if they do not leave anything behind at the crime scene. What they fail to take into account is the fact that there is no such thing as the perfect crime and that one way or another some form of evidence is left behind. This can come in the form of skin scrappings located under the victims fingernails, bite marks on the suspects body, pieces of hair, dried semen or even eyelashes can be used as possible samples for DNA analysis in order to catch criminals. The U.S. alone has one of the most extensive criminal DNA databases in the world where all it would take is the click of a button to compare a DNA sample today with one taken years ago when a person was arrested (Gabriel et al. 2010, 396). This has resulted in drastic drop in the amount of violent criminals that have been allowed to go free due to lack of evidence which as a result keeps the society safe. Fingerprint Analysis The human fingerprint is a unique identifying mark that can connect an individual to a scene of a crime resulting in their subsequent arrest should it be proven that they were the perpetrators of the act itself. Most criminals seem to be unaware of is the fact that virtually any surface can hold an imprint of a human fingerprint for a certain length of time. This is due to the fact that the hands of all individuals secret a combination of oil and s weat that when combined form a thin layer covering the hand.Advertising Looking for essay on criminology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More When pressed upon a surface this thin layer is subsequently transferred on the surface itself resulting in fingerprint. Not only have new fingerprint detection methods been invented but the subsequent automation of fingerprint detection systems means that it is now far easier and faster to compare fingerprint records from a crime scene with those from an individual that has been arrested for a violent crime (Dias and Dingeman 2004, 22). Cause of Death Analysis Autopsy techniques have advanced to such a degree that they can determine the time and cause of death and in the case of foul play what particular type of weapon or poison was used to kill a person (Chapter 4 2004, 56). Catching criminals is not always a case of finding DNA evidence or fingerprints, premeditated crimes often involve ca reful planning and subterfuge in order to fool forensic investigators and police detectives alike into believing a crime was committed by someone else other than the perpetrator in their midst. It is up to forensic investigators to examine the cause of death of the victim and compare it to the story given by various suspects at the scene in order to determine who the perpetrator of the crime really is. Reference List Chapter Four. 2005. Examining the Body. Pathology 56. EBSCOhost . Dias, Gary, and Dingeman, Robbie. 2004. Chapter 2 Fingerprints. Honolulu CSI  22. EBSCOhost . Gabriel, Matthew and others. 2010. Beyond the Cold Hit Measuring the Impact of the National DNA Data Bank on Public Safety at the City and County Level. Journal  of Law, Medicine Ethics 38, no. 2: 396-411. Naples, Virginia and others. 2010. A Skeleton Tells Its Own Story ForensicAdvertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Role of Science in Crime Reduction specifically for you for o nly $16.05 $11/page Learn More Analyses of Skeletal Elements for the Science Classroom Laboratory. American  Biology Teacher 72, no. 3: 162-171. This essay on The Role of Science in Crime Reduction was written and submitted by user Keyon U. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Torvald Helmers Monologue From A Dolls House

Torvald Helmer's Monologue From 'A Doll's House' Torvald Helmer, the male lead in A Doll’s House, can be interpreted in several ways. Many readers view him as a domineering, self-righteous control freak. Yet, Torvald can also be seen as a cowardly, misguided but sympathetic husband who fails to live up to his own ideal. In either case, one thing is for certain: He does not understand his wife. In this scene, Torvald reveals his ignorance. Moments before this monolog he declared he no longer loved his wife because she had brought shame and legal calamity to his good name. When that conflict suddenly evaporates, Torvald recants all of his hurtful words and expects the marriage to go back to â€Å"normal.† Unbeknownst to Torvald, his wife Nora is packing up her things during his speech. As he speaks these lines, he believes he is repairing her wounded feelings. In truth, she has outgrown him and plans to leave their home forever. The Monologue Torvald:(Standing at Nora’s doorway.) Try and calm yourself, and make your mind easy again, my frightened little singing-bird. Be at rest, and feel secure; I have broad wings to shelter you under. (Walks up and down by the door.) How warm and cozy our home is, Nora. Here is a shelter for you; here I will protect you like a hunted dove that I have saved from a hawks claws; I will bring peace to your poor beating heart. It will come, little by little, Nora, believe me. Tomorrow morning you will look upon it all quite differently; soon everything will be just as it was before. Very soon you wont need me to assure you that I have forgiven you; you will yourself feel the certainty that I have done so. Can you suppose I should ever think of such a thing as repudiating you or even reproaching you? You have no idea what a true mans heart is like, Nora. There is something so indescribably sweet and satisfying, to a man, in the knowledge that he has forgiven his wife- forgiven her freely, and with all his heart. It seems as if that had made her, as it were, doubly his own; he has given her a new life, so to speak, and she is in a way become both wife and child to him. So you shall be for me after this, my little scared, helpless darling. Have no anxiety about anything, Nora; only be frank and open with me, and I will serve as will and conscience both to you- . What is this? Not gone to bed? Have you changed your things?

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Food hunger and Reducing food waste Research Paper

Food hunger and Reducing food waste - Research Paper Example Considering this as the major reason, hunger and malnutrition are regarded as the leading risks towards health worldwide. The positive aspect of this problem is that there is enough food available in the world for feeding everyone. Moreover there is no need of doing any special scientific research or breakthroughs. The only thing which is required is application of knowledge along with the tools in hand; once these are combined with political policies the complete problem can be solved (Sizer & Whitney, 2013). Solving the problem of hunger can be termed as the best strategy in today’s tough economy. Once individuals from different nations will come forward to solve this dilemma then eventually it will increase productivity. Opening new channel of communication will also create economic opportunities. However the controversies have revealed that the countries have lost millions of dollars in their efforts towards economic output and the effects of child under nutrition program. The best factor towards contribution of peace and stability is problem of hunger resolve. If a certain government is not able to deal properly with this problem then states are prone to fall. Volatility related with food market is translated quickly into the volatility on the streets. Once the problem of hunger is solved it will become the foundation towards other areas of development which comprises of health and education too. If women are well-nourished then they will have healthier babies who will be born with an immune system which is strong and healthy as required for leading a strong and healthy life. A healthy and well-fed child is definite to attend school in future. The head of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have asked their team members to look for innovative measures for cutting down global food loss and waste. Once the food wastage is reduced all nations will be able to fight for elimination of hunger. At a